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Are you ready to winter? We definitely are! The snowmobiles are prepared for the season. We opened a new snowmobile station. Our instructors were trained and certified. Lots of new interesting and hilarious stories were gathered during summer.

Are you considering the best way to pass the weekend? Have you forgotten the thrill of competition and the feeling of the adrenaline circling in your blood? Has you last walk in the woods been a while ago? Snowmobile riding is the best way to relax, get many positive emotions and have a great time.
Company «Snegokhodia» (Snowmobile Land) offers cheap snowmobile rental in Moscow and Moscow Region (Podmoskovie). High-quality and reliable snowmobiles, experienced staff, various fascinating trails – we have everything for unforgettable outdoor relax.
Our team consists of professional riders and travelers. During the rides we will teach you the basic principles of snowmobile operation. We will tell you the interesting stories of our journeys.

We offer modern four-stroke snowmobiles Multi Purpose and Yamaha VK Professional which are quiter, have less exhaust gases and are therefore more environment-friendly than two-stroke alternatives.



Snowmobile rental in Moscow Region is the main business of our company. For years we have been doing our best to organize safe and interesting snowmobile rides for all those who wish to ride. Should you prefer a quite ride in snowy winter woods with your family or want a race at the frozen surface of a water pond with your friends, we are always ready to rental you a snowmobile (Moscow).
What attracts people in snowmobile riding? Everyone may suggest several answers to this question:
• firstly, the snowmobile rental (Moscow) currently is relatively cheap;
• secondly, it is a wonderful active sports and a good reason to go to woods with a family or friends;
• thirdly, learning to ride a snowmobile will take you only a few minutes;
• fourthly, snowmobile rides are totally safe. Rental of snowmobiles in Moscow Region would be a perfect choice. Spend time in the fresh air and get a lot of pleasant impressions - what could be better in a sunny frosty day? We prepare our trails carefully and professionally.


Since we have been providing snowmobile rental in Moscow Region for quite a long time, we have thoroughly studied the needs of the most of people rentaling snowmobiles. Therefore, we have developed several most attractive routes to satisfy the majority of fans of this type of recreation.
If you take the whole family with children to the woods, you will definitely enjoy snowmobiling in Moscow Region in the snowy forest, along a bank or a river bed, the surface of the pond. You get a chance to see almost untouched winter nature, and if you are lucky enough, meet wild forest dwellers: foxes, hares, wild boar, roe deer.
Loving couples are offered a snowmobile rental in the evening. A joint ride in the evening winter forest, fresh air, a romantic picnic in the forest, unreal festive atmosphere - what can be more pleasurable for two loving people?
Extreme fans were not left aside either. We give higher motorized snowmobiles for rent to experienced people who are bored with routine riding in snow-covered fields. Snowboarding with snowmobiles is a great way to experience adrenaline rush in the blood and get an unforgettable riding experience. Let yourself be pulled by a snowmobile on your own skis or snowboard for a part of the ride. We can arrange this for each booked ride (at no extra cost), provided you bring your OWN skis or snowboards.

The morning meets us with a chill (Sunrise)... 1 hour (from 9:00 to 10:00)
4 900 RUB
Winter tale 2 hours (start at 10:00, 15:30)
8 900 RUB
Winter tale (prime time) 2 hours (start at 13:00) 10 900 RUB
Traveler 4-5 hours (from 10:00 to 18:00) 19 900 RUB
Afterwork stress release 1 hour (from 18:00 to 22:00) 4 900 RUB
An evening for two 1-1,5 hours (from 18:00 to 22:00) 10 900 RUB
* The price is indicated per snowmobile.
* Up to 2 people per snowmobile possible
* Helmet and skimask rent: 500 RUB.
* Warm snowmobile suit, gloves, "Valenki"(russian style boots) 1000 RUB.
- Children up to 16 years old must share a snowmobile with an accompanying adult.
- Bring a valid identification document!
- You must book rides in advance before coming to us.
- For experienced riders, we offer a more powerful snowmobile - at no extra cost.
- If you bring your OWN skis or snowboards, we can tow you behind a snowmobile for part of the ride - at no extra cost.

Having scheduled a ride, choose the clothing to wear during a trip.
It is highly recommended to wear warm windproof clothes. A special attention should be paid to your shoes.

Rental of a helmet and a ski mask costs 500 RUB per person. You can also use your own motorcycle helmet if it meets safety requirements.
A warm outfit is provided for an additional fee of 1 000 RUB per person. Dress warmly!


We would like to draw your attention to safety. All snowmobiles provided for rental by our company are in excellent technical condition. We take great care to ensure that snow rides create only positive experience for our clients and in no case lead to serious injuries.

If you are planning to rental snowmobiles in Moscow Region, we strongly recommend taking care of proper outfit, warm windproof clothing and shoes are absolutely necessary!

In the sphere of activity of our company, which is located in the village of Berezki (Istra district of the Moscow region, a 20-minute drive from Zelenograd), snowmobiles are rented in Moscow and the Moscow region. We invite all comers to have a great time away from the city bustle and enjoy the high-speed snowmobile ride. Our company is located in the settlement of Berezki (Istra District of Moscow Region, 20-minute ride from Zelenograd) and its field of activity comprises rental of snowmobiles in Moscow and Moscow Region. We invite all those who want to have a great time away from the city bustle and enjoy a high-speed snowmobile ride.

Prior to offering snowmobiles for rental (Moscow), we took care of the proper condition of vehicles. Routine and timely maintenance is obligatory for safe snowmobiling in Moscow Region. Concern for the safety and reliability of our vehicles is our top priority. We understand that a good rest should not be traumatic, that is why we take a set of measures to ensure your safety and only positive emotions from the rental of snowmobiles in Moscow Region:
• our fleet consists of snowmobiles from leading manufacturers providing a guarantee of safety;
• our snowmobiles pass qualified maintenance;
• we have professional instructors helping the beginners and other clients to master safe snowmobiling.

It is easy to learn snowmobiling. High-quality assembly, good functionality and ease of operation make the snowmobile clear and convenient even for newbies. Nevertheless, when we provide a snowmobile for rent, we conduct a detailed briefing as active recreation requires not only sporting excitement, but also strict compliance with safety rules.

Snowmobiles in Moscow Region are ready for exciting trips on snow-covered slopes. You will only a desire to have a great time, and we will provide rush, safety and comfort.


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Our station «Snegokhodia» is located in Moscow Region, in 20-minute drive from Zelenograd (by car or by train): Moscow Region, Solnechnogorsk (Istra) District, settlement of Berezki. The settlement is located in 41 km from Moscow along Leningradskoye highway. GPS coordinates: [N 56 06' 34.7"], [E037 01' 43.2"] Attention!!! If you use GPS, please make sure your route goes through Lozhki and Povarovo, there is no railway crossing in other places.



Leave Moscow taking Leningradskoye highway. Go to the settlement of Lozhki. There is a traffic light in Lozhki. At this traffic light turn left (leaving Leningradskoye highway) and head towards the settlement of Povarovo. In Povarovo pass under the railway bridge and move forward, in 200m the road turns to the right. Go approximately 3km. When you see the road sign «Berezki 0.5/Березки 0.5», turn right (exit from the road). Drive straight ahead. (If you see the sign «Mikhailovka/Михайловка» you must have missed the right turn and you will need to go back to «Berezki 0.5/Березки 0.5» and turn left). Pass a small ravine. Go to the billboard with the red inscription «Automatic gates» (photo). In 20 m there is a transformer unit on the right (installed on poles) at the crossroads. Turn left. Go to the very last houses. Turn right. Park your car at the parking lot in front of the gates. You have arrived!


Leave Moscow taking Pyatnitskoye highway. Go to the settlement of Kurilovo. There is a traffic light in Kurilovo. At this traffic light turn right and head towards the settlement of Povarovo. Pass the settlement of Mikhailovka. Just outside the settlement, before the woods at the sing «Berezki 0.5/Березки 0.5» turn left. Pass a small ravine. Go to the billboard with the red inscription «Automatic gates» (photo). In 20 m there is a transformer unit on the right (installed on poles) at the crossroads. Turn left. Go to the very last houses. Turn right. Park your car at the parking lot in front of the gates. You have arrived!